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Old Time Hardware Catalogs

Builders Catalogs were huge bound volumes sent to local contractors, architects and builders to promote the latest and greatest materials, and products. They also contained hundreds of house plans and renderings. Much of what we call antiques now were included in these multi-thousand page catalogs.

Here on the Builders Catalogs site we are publishing some of these old catalogs.

1928 Home Builders Catalog

THIS BOOK is dedicated to the Home Builders of America in the sincere hope that by its aid their standard of living may be further raised, the design of American homes improved and their comforts increased.

Investigation having shown that 90 per cent of the *homes built in this country …


Never before has there been a book for the home builder like Home Builders Catalog. IT GIVES you in one big volume everything you need to aid you in selecting the most suitable materials for the homes you build and equipping them with those modern refinements and conveniences that …


Changes in Floor Plans

The floor plans shown with each photographic illustration of the complete house are those that experience has demonstrated to be best suited to that particular type of home. Nevertheless it will sometimes happen that your customer will wish minor changes made. These you can …