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The Sandusky Cement Company is one of the pioneer makers of Portland Cement in the United States. For thirty-six years the name Medusa has been known to the trade.
Medusa Gray Portland Cement is sold in a limited territory. Medusa White Portland Cement is sold and used all over the United. States, while thousands of barrels are exported annually. Other Products include Medusa Integral Waterproofing and Medusa Cement Paint (see page 433).

Medusa White Portland Cement
Wherever beauty as well as permanence is required in concrete work, Medusa White Portland Cement should be specified. It is a standard Portland Cement, meeting all of the tests and requirements of standard Gray Portland Cement. It is mixed and handled in exactly the same manner as any other Portland Cement.
Colored Concrete
When color effects are wanted, Medusa White Portland Cement furnishes a pure white base. Light tints or strong colors can be obtained by the use of colored aggregates or by the use of mineral oxides.
Uses Medusa White Portland Cement
Medusa White Portland Cement is used at a great many points in home construction. Chief among these is the finish coat of stucco work. For this work Medusa Waterproofed White Portland Cement is recommended. Properly applied it will give you a beautiful, permanent surface that will never stain nor discolor due to the penetration of water or moisture. A catalog giving complete specifications for Waterproofed by
Cleveland, Ohio
Portland Cement Stucco will be furnished you upon request. It will serve as a guide for your contractor andplasterer.

Other uses for Medusa White Portland Cement include cement plaster coat for basement interior or for the interior finish of rooms ; caststone trim for lintels, doorways, etc.; concrete pre-cast mantels and concrete floor tile ; finishing shower baths and swimming pools and cement mortar for laying up masonry. It is used also in the construction of driveways, especially for the making of concrete ribbon driveways.

The use of Medusa White Portland Cement for mortar is based largely on its non-staining qualities and we will be glad to furnish you
with complete information on the use of Medusa White Portland Cement for mortar.

Plain and Waterproofed
Medusa plain White is our standard White Portland Cement. Medusa waterproofed White is the plain white plus the correct amount of Medusa Integral Waterproofing. This is ground into the cement during the process of manufacture and insures permanently waterproof concrete work. Medusa Waterproofed White Portland Cement is the only Waterproofed White Portland Cement made in this country. It should be used wherever dampness or water will come into frequent contact with the finished job.
Complete Information
Our space here is too limited to permit us to go into any details regarding the use of Medusa White Portland Cement. However, we do have catalogs which give mixes and specifications. Attractive illustrations of houses from all over the United States will interest the prospective home builder.
This beautiful little stucco home at Tacoma, Washington, was finished with Medusa White Portland Cement. Messrs. Sultan, Whitney & Dugan, Tacoma, were the architects.
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